Welcome and Wellbeing - Heart and Soul Space

This post comes from the Welcome and Wellbeing working group. The group's role includes supporting the conference and convergence as a whole to create a safe and welcoming space.

My name is Katie and I am designing the Heart and Soul Space for IPCUK 2015.

The general aims of the Heart & Soul Space are to provide a place where people attending can express and engage in spiritual aspects of their permaculture work and experience. The definition of spirituality I have chosen to use here is 'what ever gives us meaning' for some people this may be formal religion, for others, not.

Needs and wants for the Heart & Soul Space identified from various members of the permaculture community so far:

  • To be a place where spiritual and other ‘Heart and Soul’ aspects of permaculture can be embraced, celebrated and shared
  • To be a place free from workshops and discussion
  • To provide opportunity to be able to perform rituals and other related spiritual activity (ie Thai Chi, meditation) - to be able to share these with others who are interested
  • To have protected 'quiet' time/space
  • To have clear information available about the aims of the Heart and Soul space, and how it's availability and role during the convergence
  • To provide a physical space which those using it can decorate, during the convergence
  • To include an area where people attending the convergence can bring Heart and Soul items (photos, pictures etc) from 'home'
  • For the Heart & Soul Space to be in a quiet, peaceful area of the convergence

Considering the above, the current plan is for the Heart & Soul Space is to have exclusive use of an enclosed shelter/marquee, hopefully with flooring to enable folk to sit on the floor and with some nearby outside space for activity if the weather allows.

As part of this observation and evaluation phase in the design, I am inviting others to contribute with their own thoughts too so that they can be incorporated into the design and the Heart & Soul Space can be as effective and beneficial as possible.

What aims, wants, needs and visions do you have for the Heart and Soul Space at IPCUK? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or email me directly at [email protected]