IPCUK Conference Sponsors

We are delighted to have had sponsorship support from the following organisations:


Sign up and learn Permaculture by watching tons of free videos at GeoffLawton.com              

Geoff Lawton has taught thousands of students how to redesign their farms and small   properties and maximise their potential through good Permaculture Design. Whether  you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, you’ll discover something new in this series of  free 10 minute videos. There are over 24,000 comments from viewers around the world  as Geoff shows you Permaculture from the Cold Climates to the Deserts, from the  Mediterranean to the Tropical zones. From the small urban gardens to the large farms  and beyond. Be warned, these videos are inspirational and addictive.



Permaculture Magazine

Permaculture magazineWith over 120,000 readers per issue Permaculture is a bestselling green magazine in Britain and globally and is a champion of spreading the word about permaculture.

Published quarterly, Permaculture features practical, thought provoking articles on organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, alternative technology, eco-architecture, personal and community development and much more. It is also packed with readers’ solutions, DIY designs, news, reviews, letters, classifieds and permaculture courses.

The print edition appears in high street newsagents, health food stores, WHSmith, bookshops and environmental centres and ecovillages across Britain and beyond. It also has a growing digital readership via the Permaculture iTunes app, and its presence in print and online makes it the ‘must have’ networking tool for anyone interested in permaculture as well as all green and ethical businesses, social enterprises and projects.

The Permaculture website currently has over 4.5 million unique page views a year, and has a Facebook following of 220,000 people and over 19,000 follow their Twitter account.

All of these platforms are growing as more and more people find out about permaculture.



Permaculture Research Institute

PRI/USA is a nonprofit service organization dedicated to the promotion of Permaculture practices and professional designers & instructors.

PRI/USA can help you develop your education site and your teaching experience to host accredited and certified permaculture courses.  

Master Plan Sites and Certified Instructors work to deliver high standards and expand availability of permaculture education.  

Contact PRI/USA Director Daniel Halsey for site assessment, design services, and certification.

[email protected]



Coventry University Centre for Agroecology, Water & Resilience

The Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) is driving innovative, transdisciplinary research on the understanding and development of resilient food and water systems internationally.

Food and water security is increasingly threatened by factors such as climate and environmental change, loss of biodiversity, conflict and market volatility. New knowledge, policies and technologies are needed to develop systems that are more resilient to change and which ensure the health of our food and water supplies. Resilient systems are better able to bounce back from stresses caused by longer-term change or short-term events - be it natural processes such as flooding, or human impacts such as war or water pollution incidents. Through its focus on food and water, the Centre's research develops and integrates new knowledge in social, agroecological, hydrological and environmental processes, as well as the pivotal role that communities play in developing resilience. Unique to this Centre is the incorporation of citizen-generated knowledge - the participation of farmers, water users and other citizens in transdisciplinary research, using holistic approaches which cross many disciplinary boundaries. CAWR also aims to advance resilience science through creative work on a new generation of key issues linked to the governance of food systems, hydrological change, urban water, river processes, water quality and emerging pollutants. www.coventry.ac.uk/cawr


The London Permaculture Network

London Permaculture Network is also our crowdfunder Conference Sponsor, and we're delighted to have them on board! With London as the host city for IPCUK, its wonderful to have so much support from London Permaculture Network - both practical and financial. They run a monthly social, the annual permaculture festival at Cecil Sharp House, other networking events, courses and a range of projects.




CQUniversity Australia is proud to introduce a new world-leading Graduate Certificate in Permaculture Design available to study globally from Term 1, 2016. Benefit from the flexibility to study by distance education with residential schoolshosted by industry partners offering practical learning experiences. For more information visit www.cqu.edu.au/permaculture



Permaculture Association

Permaculture Association logoIPCUK - the 12th International Permaculture Convergence - is being hosted by the Permaculture Association (Britain). The Permaculture Association is the national charity that supports people to learn about and use permaculture. We are working to:

  • Improve access to permaculture.
  • Nurture and grow permaculture networks.
  • Enhance collaboration within permaculture and related networks.
  • Increase knowledge of the benefits of permaculture within society.
  • Develop permaculture theory and practice.

Find out more about our thriving demonstration network, membership scheme, course listings and support for tutors, Diploma system, strategic networks in Scotland and Wales, research programme, the knowledge base and much more.



Schumacher College

Schumacher College has an international reputation for cutting-edge learning and has been one of the leading voices for progressing Education for Sustainability over the last 25 years, attracting many of the worlds leading thinkers and doers including Bill Mckibben, James Lovelock, Fritjof Capra & Vandana Shiva to name but a few.

This year the College launches two new postgraduate programmes in Ecological Design Thinking and Ecological Food Systems. Starting in January 2016, these two cutting edge programmes bring together some of the leading voices in ecological design, architecture, agroecology, agroforestry & permaculture. They explore the frontiers of research and practice that will meet the social, ecological and economic challenges our planet faces in the 21st Century.

Click here to find out more about the College’s postgraduate programmes >>

Follow the College on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Conference Partners


ECOLISE is a coalition of organisations engaged in promoting and supporting local communities across Europe in their efforts to build pathways to a sustainable future. The members of ECOLISE include international, national and sometimes regional networks of community-based initiatives, as well as other bodies engaged in European-level research, training, communications or other activities to support community-based action on climate change and sustainability. By bringing these organisations together, ECOLISE seeks to establish a common Europe-wide agenda and a platform for collective action.


Alara Wholefoods

Alara Wholefoods has 25 years of experience providing high quality organic muesli. They have a flourishing food garden in London, a registered LAND Centre, where the evening social Gala at Alara will be hosted. 





IPCUK Convergence Sponsors

Pip Magazine

Pip Magazine. The new permaculture magazine out of Australia; the birth place of permaculture.  

Pip Magazine is your guide to integrating permaculture and sustainability in your life. There are informative articles on all aspects of permaculture as well as profiles on people, projects, gardens, farms, houses and businesses. There are 'how to' guides, recipes, reviews and a directory containing permaculture related courses.

Pip is taking permaculture to the people, by being attractively designed, thoughtfully laid out and clearly explained, Pip presents permaculture in an easy to understand accessible way.

Pip Magazine is a thing of beauty. Printed on FSC certified paper with vegetable inks, each edition of Pip is something to treasure and, after reading cover to cover, keep on your shelf and refer to for the facts and information it holds within. It is also available across all digital platforms.




CQUniversity Australia is proud to introduce a new world-leading Graduate Certificate in Permaculture Design available to study globally from Term 1, 2016. Benefit from the flexibility to study by distance education with residential schoolshosted by industry partners offering practical learning experiences. For more information visit www.cqu.edu.au/permaculture



St Athans Hotel

The St. Athans Hotel is a simple, clean, family-run budget hotel in Bloomsbury, the leafy heart of London. We offer great value for money and friendly service, providing a comfortable home from home. The St. Athans Hotel is also hoping to be London's first Permaculture designed hotel - watch this space.




Natural flow

Natural Flow is a design consultancy underpinned by the ethics and principles of permaculture. We offer introduction and forest garden weekend courses. The business is undergoing a major reorganisation so check back to find out how we can design holistic outcomes whether you are a business, community or an individual.



Leeds Permaculture Network

Leeds Permaculture Network meets once a month for a lively and informative social at Friends Meeting House, runs courses, including an annual Permaculture Design Course, supports a range of projects and gets involved in other initiatives across Leeds. An open network, if you live in or near Leeds feel free to get in touch, pop down to one of our socials and get involved.





enCircle are an information technology business designed around permaculture ethics and principles. We integrate systems thinking and permaculture design tools into our day to day operations, making I.T. that little bit more interesting.





Living naturally

Living Naturally have harnessed the specific cleansing and softening properties of Soapnuts to develop a completely unique Vegan  range of laundry and personal care products completely based on this amazing Organic wild-crafted dried fruit shell . Our Soapnut products have been developed and produced by our family-owned business based in the UK. We have combined a real need and love of what we do, expert botanical knowledge, and Ayurvedic principles to create these products.
Our products are made by hand in the UK in small batches from 100% natural and organic, ethically sourced, cruelty free ingredients. Free from SLSs, Parabens, Mineral Oil, artificial additives or fragrances.


San Isdro Permaculture

Based in Santa Fe, NM, since 2000, San Isidro Permaculture is dedicated to designing, building and maintaining beautiful, productive and regenerative landscapes that reflect the needs and aesthetic of our residential, commercial, NGO, and government clients. Our work is guided by the 12 Principles of Permaculture Design and adheres to the Permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Returning the Surplus.


Hyde Park Source

We are an innovative, creative and dynamic environmental community organisation. Although based near Hyde Park, we work across Leeds.
We work with local communities to improve their surroundings, designing and creating attractive, exciting, safe and useful places for people to live, work and play.

We use Permaculture to help Improve the wellbeing of people and communities. We have written our own guiding principles and pathways inspired by permaculture and based around the '5 Ways to Wellbeing' Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.
Find out more at www.hydeparksource.org



A pilot program sponsoring family farmers in less-industrialized countries. The farmers receive extended permaculture training, and continuing support in building permaculture communities of practice. A mobile phone platform supports farmer-to-farmer extension as local communities develop practical expertise in improving yields and livelihoods using ecologically regenerative approaches. permEzone is a project of the non-profit Empowerment Works based in California.



Pete & Val Grainger

An eco B&B in 6 acres of Cornish countryside with solar, biomass and our own water supply where we run courses in everything from coppice crafts to wool dyeing. The owners Pete & Val Grainger have a wealth of ecological, farming and community development experience and also undertake consultancy work. www.valgrainger.co.uk and www.berrylanecottage.co.uk.





LAND Denmark

LAND Denmark is a permaculture network of "Learning, Activity, Network, Demonstration" centres spread across Denmark. These are places that can show you what permaculture is all about through guided tours, workshops, courses and hands-on work. LAND is a sign of quality, vouched for by the Danish Permaculture Association. Learn more: www.permakultur-danmark/land-2 and find a map of the LAND centres.




Lambourne End Centre

Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning is a 54 acre site with People Care Land Care and Fair Shares at its heart. We make the most of our location on the edge of London, edge of a forest and on the edge of rural and urban culture, using all of our space to benefit the thousands of people who visit with a diverse range of farm, environmental, garden and adventure activities focusing on personal development. We are "inspired to inspire". For more information, visit http://www.lambourne-end.org.uk or social media facebook lambourneend and twitter @LambourneEnd.