We are working to secure funds and donations to enable practitioners and organisers from the Global South to participate in and enrich IPCUK.

Our aim is to have someone from every country practising permaculture at IPCUK.


We are asking every national network to raise funds locally to ensure that they can send a delegate - if we work together we can achieve this ambitious goal.

The deadline for applications for scholarship support has now passed, no further applications will be accepted. Thanks to everyone that sent one in!


You can help by making a donation.


A MASSIVE thank you to all the following people who supported our Crowdfunder appeal, which raised over £24,000 from 238 backers:

Adela and Dan Fofiu-Sanpetreanu
Alan Waugh
Alec Duthie
Allan Rowel
Angie Corbet
Ann Whitfield
Audrey Louise Coke Norris
Barbara Bristow
Ben Margolis
C Fowler
Caroline Smith
Cathrine Dolleris
Celia Ashman
Charles Reynolds
Chris J Southall
Chris Rowland
Chris Warburton Brown
Claire Davies
Dan O'Neill
dano wheals
Darius Namdaran
David Hope
Davie Philip
Deborah Simmonds
Domen Zupan
E. del Rio
Ed Sears
Emily Gibson
Ethel Chiodelli
Filipe Moreira Alves
Frances Strickland
Gil Threadgould
Graham Burnett
Graham Wood
Harriet Stewart-Jones
Harriet Walsh
Helen Nelson
Helena Davies
Hendrik Schwarz
Henry Nield
Ian Fitzpatrick
Imogen Jenkins
Jamal hamou
James Bull
james chapman
James Watson
Jamie Saunders
Jan Hoyland
Jen Jepson
Jennifer Lauruol
Jevgenia Milne
Joe Atkinson
John Fellowes
John Marshall
John Pickles
John Preston
John-Paul Flintoff
Judy Griffiths
Julie Nutchey
June Emerson
Karen Inwood
Kate Brickell
Kate Swatridge
Kath Gavin
Kathleen Gallagher
Katy Gregg
Kerry Lane
Klaudia van Gool
Laura Corfield
Lauren Simpson
liesbeth bos
linda king
Lizz Roe
Lizzie Fellows
Lucas Labi
m bilal rehman-furs
Maddy Schofield
Mags Shevlin
Mai Evans
Manish Vasistha
Marcus Draper
marella fyffe
Marie Millward
marta sanchez
Matthew Axford
melanie orourke
Melanie Prytz
Midwest Permaculture
nada meredith
Nick Lunch
Paul Magnall
Paule Marx
Peter Samsom
Peter Tatham
Peter Wheat
Philip San Juan
Pippa Johns
Rachael Unsworth
Rachel Hubbard
rachel pearce
Raymond Evans
Richard Crowe
Roberto De Gregori
Robin Clayfield
Robin Goodman
Rod Everett
Ruth Blandford
Ryan Sandford-Blackburn
Sally Hewitt
Samarah Edds
Sarah benbow
Sarah Nutchey
Sarah Pugh
Sarah Smith
Simon O'Connor
Spira Svendsen
Stephanie hayman
Steve Smith
sue amos
Sue Hughes
Sue Kidd
Sue Upton
Teresa Belton
Teresa Belton
Tess Wilmot
Toby Roberts
Tom Brenan
Tom Dennison
Tomas Remiarz
Tracey Gendron
Tracy Hind
Ulrike Kuhnert
Val Grainger
Vanessa Spedding
Vanya Goldberg
Viv Chamberlin-Kidd
Viv Talbot
Wenderlynn and Iain Bagnall
Wilf Richards