Scholarships Success Story

The Scholarships working group are incredibly pleased to be able to offer scholarship support to over 20 people from around the world.

This is with thanks to the support of hundreds of you: backing the successful Crowdfunder project earlier this month, sharing the call for pledges, and kindly donating over the past months. We are really pleased to offer this support, made possible by taking action together.

Here is the story of how one scholarship place will have a positive impact on a wider permaculture movement.

The story of one IPCUK scholar: Tierra Martínez

From an early age Tierra has been interested in the conservation of nature, and started working as an educator and environmental interpreter in different parts of Argentina. While educating within a Programme of Environmental Education, he began to have a closer contact with nature, from working as a field naturalist in different natural environments. Later he discovered permaculture, which opened up the possibilities of a one way trip, from which he decided to not look back and since has devoted to walk hand in hand with his grandparents that guide him in his walk.

With more than 15 years of experience in permaculture, Tierra works on the creation of Reference Centers in different climates, ecosystems and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. He always encourages changes in realities that go deeply in, with strong and practical experiences that empower participants and mobilize them to generate concrete actions for change.

After traveling a vast area for about 15 years, he has been to Argentina and to different Latin American countries, encouraging the creation of a movement which allows, through a vision, to go beyond the power of the peoples and disseminate the seed of permaculture. Currently, the mission to sow the seeds of permaculture keeps him busy with many activities throughout Latin America.

Recently Tierra has focused on the work of our children and the creation of new educational proposals for them through the Permaculture as Base of Holistic Education and the Courses of Educational Facilities Design, based on Permaculture and Experience education.

Find out more: Instituto de Permacultura Ná Lu´um, and


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