Tierra Martinez


Tierra has developed activities in different climates, ecosystems, and cultures in Latin America during the last 15 years. He has established centers of reference, educational programs, master plans for small areas and on a large scale, in urban, suburban and rural settings with thousands of students who develop research projects and put into practice the knowledge generated by the new paradigms of permacultural thought, thereby visualizing the importance of dreaming again.

Unstoppable motivator!!!  Co-founder of the NáLu’um Institute of Permacultre, and the PermaneSer Alliance. Teacher of the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia; mentor of the International Permaculture Diploma of Gaia University (Gaia U Latina); organiser of local, bioregional, national, and international permaculture events.

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Instituto de Permacultura Ná Lu´um, www.naluum.org

and www.institutonaluum.blogspot.com

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