Ed Tyler


I teach permaculture in Glasgow, Scotland, and am co-creating my local bioregion of West Argyll and the islands of Arran, Islay and Jura, also in Scotland. I am also a diploma tutor. We have recently started Transition Kintyre as a way of growing awareness of our bioregion and are in the process of setting up community woodlands. We already have a network of community gardens across the region.

What I am most looking forward to

I am hoping to meet up with other attendees who are exploring and co-creating their own bioregions in other parts of the world, particularly those countries in which bioregional awareness is already strong e.g. USA. Likewise I would like to meet up with those who believe there is a spiritual side to permaculture (spirituality in its widest sense).

I am really excited about the conference at The Light as I am a Quaker and The Light is at Friends House, home of Britain Yearly Quaker Meeting. I am excited about meeting up with Quaker Permaculturists, to explore ways the two movements can work together.

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