Thinking like a plant

The study of plants can take on many forms. On the one hand we can take an 'observer' eye and study the plant as an 'other' out there in the life world. We can also engage with plants through a participatory approach, taking our cues from their dynamic unfolding in time and space - their becoming. Furthermore, the developing plant offers us a wealth of impressions and imaginations for contemplation and meditation.

Using these complementary approaches, science, art and contemplative enquiry can weave together, laying a path toward ways of knowing that accommodates to the living world. This workshop takes a transdisciplinary approach to deepening our practical, artistic and contemplative engagement with the dynamic life of plants.


Jonathan Code, MEd. Jonathan is a lecturer in the Faculty for Environment and Transdisciplinary Studies of the Crossfields Institute.

He is currently co-leading on a distance learning, situated research degree ‘Researching Holistic Approaches to Agroecology’ being developed by Crossfields Institute in conjunction with Coventry University (partnership pending). Jonathan has studied holistic approaches to agroecology (organics, permaculture, biodynamics) for over twenty years and he contributes to land-based and transformative education for learners of all ages in the UK and abroad.

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