Scaling-up/Professionalizing the Permaculture Movement

We are a group of experienced Permaculture designers (Andrew Millison, Jeremiah Kidd, Koreen Brennan, Loren Luyendyk, Mario Yanez, Neil Bertrando and Rico Zook.) who have come together to form a collaborative design firm, in order to take on larger and more comprehensive projects than any of us can do on our own. We will discuss our rationale by set the historical context, acknowledging the current state of PC, discuss the need, as each of us perceives it, and show evidence for this need across many sectors.

We will lead a conversation about our movements “response-ability” to market and global conditions by intimating that the market/world is ready for more high-end PC design groups and that our movement is ready to respond. We will present the challenge, which we believe is to have quality groups ready to step up to the required level of scope, scale and professionalism.

We would like to introduce our effort by telling our story and evolution to date, share our response and the potentiality of what we are doing, and specifically share our abundance model/approach. We would also like to share what we consider to be the many mutual benefits and synergies to the PC movement and to a society and planet that needs our repair and healing work on a very large scale.


Andrew Millison is a founder of Permaculture Design International. He has been designing, building and teaching about Permaculture since he took his first course in 1996. He began his Permaculture career in the deserts of Arizona, where he attended Prescott College and the Ecosa Institute for Ecological Design. He went on to teach at both of those schools, received a Master's degree studying heirloom fruit trees, ran the small desert farm at Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti, worked in a Landscape Architecture office, and ran his own design / build Permaculture business.

In 2008 Andrew moved to Corvallis, Oregon where he began teaching Permaculture design at Oregon State University in the Horticulture Department. His design business flourished in Oregon, where he completed numerous site designs for a wide variety of clients that can be seen on the Projects page. His specialties include the design of whole-site water systems, as well as community gathering and social spaces.


Conference session: