CANCELLED: Rethinking Nature: a Biomimetic Perspective

Biomimicry is the emulation of nature to find solutions to man-made challenges by looking at forms, materials, processes, functions and systems. Using this approach the presentation will highlighted the continued work by Biomimicry UK, alongside The Ecological Sequestration Trust, the Scottish Government working with the visionary charity Resonate Arts House to deliver a unique build that offers the community a place for tranquility, health and well-being and learning about the role of nature and can play in building resilient communities.

The presentation will highlight the need for greater collaboration and need for transformational change in the 21st century to deliver new buildings, but places that will put the community at the heart of our towns and cities.


Richard the co-founder and director of Biomimicry UK is an awarding-winning urbanist with interests in both behavioural economics and nature-based design. He formed the team behind Biomimicry UK in 2012 to take the research on nature-based design and finding a place for it in industry. Richard is also an urban design consultant and the lead for Biomimicry, Biophilia and Systems-thinking at the Leeds Sustainability Institute.

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