Permaculture and the New Story

All over the globe in many small and large areas, we are killing our soils by the wide use of pesticides and herbicides. We can talk about a Soil Crisis but it is really a Crisis of Civilization. It begins with the Climate and the Environmental Crises - both have directly to do with us as permaculture people. Maybe somewhat more indirectly – the Economic Crisis, brought on by the failure in the international money system (see Margrit Kennedy et al.), and the hunger crisis – which really is a crisis of food costs. The nuclear catastrophes in the USA: Three Mile Island, Russia: Chernobyl and Japan: Fukushima – by the way, mostly in ‘highly developed countries’ where we are supposed to know what atomic security is -  just to mentioned the well publicized cases, have augmented the Radiation Crisis and the Air Quality Crisis.

All these crises have a basis in the loss of human values in dominant societies – and the loss of culture too. Our world seems to be mostly interested in exorbitant profits, which fires on Consumerism and altogether brings us to plundering our planet and its sentient beings. This represents the OLD STORY and is behind the drive and the motivation for change in our permaculture practices and other worldwide ecological movements.

Solution: In the post-growth-civilization, which is emerging rapidly, we have different attitudes: we want to achieve the world we want – a beautiful place where Fair Share is evident everywhere. This is done through Love and many related activities and through creating new systems and structures – and a new paradigm through Caring for People and Caring for the Earth – we are in the process of creating the NEW STORY.  This new story sees us as a unity of peoples (see Sai Baba, Nelson Mandela and many others), as a body of humanity (Elisabet Sahtouris, Neale Donald Walsh, et al.) as Interbeings (Charles Eisenstein), as creators (Vivekananda, Maitreya). We create a more beautiful, dignified and harmonious world, where human rights and spirituality are also considered as part of the whole. To create a permaculture with the goal of love is not enough. Love IS permaculture. Permaculture is love.


Liora Adler
Rob Hopkins
Declan Kennedy
Andrew Langford


Founding Chairman of Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

Founding Director of the Permaculture Institute of Europe (PIE)

Former Professor of Urban Design at the Technical University, Berlin (TUB)



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