Learning to Build with Passion – Training the Natural Builders of the Future

The pool of natural builders in the UK is small. In 2014 Straw Works took the initiative and established the School of Natural Building (SNaB) to improve the situation.

The aim of the School is to provide quality training in the use of natural materials, both in design and in practice, and to provide a pool of natural builders who are recognised as having professional levels of skill, knowledge and experience. Natural Building is not a science. It involves intuition & passion as well as skill, knowledge and experience.


Eileen is a partner in Straw Works and is Director of Business Development. During the past two years she has been working with Barbara to develop the current suite of training courses. Eileen also teaches some of the courses. Recently she has been involved in establishing the Straw Works School of Natural Building.

Her interest in construction started with her Dad. He ran a building company and celebrated the day of Eileen’s birth by putting the mixer on the plot where he was to build their family home.

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