Building Community Resilience through Collaborative Action

The purpose of this presentation is two-fold: first to share examples and stories of how we can grow more inspired, empowered and effective leaders and permaculture-oriented organizations; secondly as a call to action to adopt the Community Resilience Challenge program as a platform that creates shared vision and collective impact while supporting and enhancing local autonomy.

Operating from the belief that small groups of engaged people can change the world and that permaculture-minded non-profits are essential to create a tipping point toward sustainability, we need to grow high impact and financially viable groups and the citizen leaders who can sustain them.

In the presentation I will highlight Daily Acts and partners who over 13 years of working with individuals, schools, churches, businesses and municipalities has mobilized hundreds of groups to create innovative, award-winning and policy-influencing programs. Along the way we have inspired wide scale collective action to start taking permaculture solutions such as greywater, sheet mulching and food forests to scale in Sonoma County and Northern California. Our Community Resilience Challenge is a community action campaign, which has been replicated regionally and nationally, inspiring over 30,000 actions and projects in hundreds of neighborhoods and communities. 

Starting with breath and movement and a focus on personal ecology, the presentation then shows examples of how we can get our gardens, neighborhoods, communities and movements to go pop and become more thriving, self-sustaining ecosystems. Depending on timing, the presentation will include small group discussion and activities.


I am the founder of Daily Acts, a permaculture-based organization and Board Chair of Transition U.S. We work with citizens, leaders, agencies and networks to provide community-based solutions, which harness the power of nature and inspired action to build leadership and local self-reliance. This ranges from installing food forests from front yards to City Hall landscapes to mobilizing thousands of sustainability actions as part of the Community Resilience Challenge, a Daily Acts program that has been replicated regionally and nationally.

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