Ancient food future food, Foraging in the forest garden and seeing everywhere as a forage garden

When I take people foraging, I have two principles that I hope to inspire them with: That there is food everywhere we go and there is food every day of the year.

In the forest gardens we pick at least 40 different plants everyday of the year for a soup or a salad, in the early summer it can double to over 80.

It seems no coincidence that almost every living plant and animal is edible or useful when we know how. I have long stopped asking, “Can I eat this?" and now ask, "How do I eat this?”

“Our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food” (from Hippocrates). I have been realising over the last few years just how true this is when foraging in the forest garden and surroundings. I have a soup or salad almost every day of the year and find ingredients in my home forest garden or in the environment I happen to be in.


Jo trained as a Landscape Architect and did her first Permaculture Design Course within this training. She also works with people and the land as a Kinesiologist, health practitioner.  She started foraging 20 years ago when organic food was hard to find and expensive. Her love of plants continues to grow over the years. Since 2008 she has taken hundreds of people foraging and has been designing and maintaining forest gardens. She forages everyday.


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