A Paradise called Marizá

How we transformed 7 hectares of white sand into a vibrant center for agroecology in the Brazilian Drylands.


Helped found the Bahian Permaculture Institute (the first in Brazil), and worked for 15 years as a Permaculture teacher and consultant, until moving to the dryland farm where I now reside (11 years).

What I am most looking forward to

Meeting other people! I have had a fairly isolated life since moving to the farm. I want to get back into the loop.

AND I love England! A country where the rich people spent their fortunes making beautiful gardens... Where a garden TV show presenter is as famous as our Brazilian football TV presenter! Brazil does not have a garden culture.

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A video letter to and from Vandana Shiva www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9cnx7wXLJ4

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