A Matter of Scale - The productivity of UK holdings of 20ha and less

A Matter of Scale is a survey of the productivity of small farms and market gardens in the UK, which is being carried out during 2015. The aim is to understand more about the range of small holdings, what and how much they are producing, and to create a data set which can be compared with the productivity of larger farms. Little is currently known about how much small farms produce per unit area, and the lack of data makes it harder to put a strong case for their role in contributing to future food security. The survey will be followed by in depth studies of the most productive holdings, to find out how they manage to be so productive.


Rebecca Laughton is an organic market gardener and the campaigns researcher for the Landworkers' Alliance.  She has worked on organic farms and market gardens for 18 years, as well as researching and writing about local food systems and land based communities.  She is author of "Surviving and Thriving on the Land: How to use your time and energy to run a successful smallholding."


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