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IPC India LogoAt the 11th IPC held in Cuba in December 2013, India was selected to host the 13th IPC. From late November to early December 2017, India will host the IPC in Hyderabad, Central Southern India. The petition for India was lead by Narsanna Koppula, Secretary on the Board of Directors of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, the hosting organisation. The bid for India was researched, prepared and supported by a team of permaculture activists from Australia including April Sampson-Kelly, Pete the Permie, Sylvia, Arresh, and Miranda. The team are also very grateful to Tierra Martinez and Rodolfo Almaraz for their brave support, knowing that Latin American, especially Argentina, will indeed hold a wonderful IPC in the future. They nonetheless graciously accepted that Asia deserves the next opportunity.

The Host

women india permacultureAranya” means ‘the forest’, and their mission is to research and implement alternative agriculture through permaculture practices. Narsanna is also on the board of director of Permaculture Association of India.  Aranya has hosted the National Indian Permaculture Convergence, has over 70 full time staff members and many people trained and experienced in hosting conferences. It also has over 1,000 permaculture gardens and hundreds of farms to demonstrate good permaculture projects in India.

India is an economically resilient country, neither dependent on imports or exports. Hyderabad has recently hosted two major international conferences on Biodiversity as well as the World Agricultural Fair attended by people from 62 countries. Hyderabad is the silicon valley of India so there will be no technological restrictions and ample professional assistance for all levels of the process.

The Theme

Aims for IPC India:
-Promote Permaculture as a social responsibility. 
-Promote 'action' in grassroots Permaculture
-Honour the role women play in agriculture
-Share traditional Indian Permaculture practices
Agriculture is a Social Responsibility
Agriculture is a way of life, for as long as there are human beings, food will be grown. Society is built upon agriculture. Your agricultural practices are a direct reflection of your culture and its health.
Permaculture offers quality food to ensure mothers and their children are healthy and all people are free of hunger. It allows abundant produce without fertilizers that deplete the soil and put farmers into debt. It benefits the environment and wildlife. Through permaculture, farms and communities can become self-sufficient (swaraj), creating a healthy society.
The International Permaculture Conference in India will promote agriculture as a social responsibility not just a profitable industry or hobby. It will honour the role that women play in sustaining healthy agriculture in the world. It will share traditional permaculture still practiced in India.

Call for Support

Would you like to be part of the team preparing and organizing IPC17 in India? If so, contact us here and let us know how you can assist. Many hands make light work!! We need experienced event management advice, web designers, data organisers, sponsor gatherers, technical advisers and graphic artists.

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