Teacher Training Course in Bulgaria

The course is focused in the facilitating of effective learning and presentation skills of the permaculture design teachers; effective use of audio-visual materials, programme planning and session design, dealing with difficult situations, adjusting for cultural and human diversity, costing and budgets, promotion and marketing, building networks, ethics.

After successful graduation of the Course the attendees will be granted with Certificates from the Permaculture College Australia.

The course combines in-class and outdoors sessions (lectures, workshops, presentations with discussions), as well as interest visits to sites in the local community and farms on permaculture principles, also taking a first-hand look at the local traditions.

The venue of the courses will be in the rural guest houses Deshka in the village Gorno Draglishte. It is situated 13 km northern from the town Razlog and 15 km from the tourist mountain resort Bansko.



20 - 28 August 2015



Robyn Francis



The course is oriented towards:
- students, Masters, PhD candidates and lecturers from high school levels, specialized in educational programmes with agriculture and ecological purposes, but is also open to all kind of specialities of the higher education;
- farmers with interests in natural, sustainable, biological and ecological agriculture;
- new penetrators in the agriculture and gardening;
- representatives of NGOs and community organizations;
- also others interested in teaching activity in the field of permaculture design.


Capacity of the event

minimum: 20
maximum: 60



The courses will be conducted in a mountain rural complex including healthy local food (options for choosing between vegetarian/vegan and/or meat). It will include three healthy meals per day and two coffee/tea breaks.

In the total fee for the courses for the whole period of the trainings all food and accommodation is included.

The attendance fee for the Course II – Permaculture Teacher Training Course amounts to €690.
The accommodation and food fee for Course II amounts to €120.

A total of €810


Travel Arrangements

not relevant



The rural houses, where the venue of the courses will be, are cozy furnished with double, triple and one room for five people with bath/toilets /self-contained or one common on the floor/, seminar room, veranda, summer garden, kitchen and museum.



Contact name

Donka Radeva

Thu, 20/08/2015