Permaculture and Science

Both traditional procedures and modern science are respected in permaculture. During our 7-day session we would like to show you how to connect those two worlds.

You can look forward to the excursions to permaculture project sites, and to a workshop on permaculture.

Deadline for applications is 5 July.

Accommodation costs are up to you. We can offer you cheap accomodation on dormitory directly in the university campus.
Food is also up to you. In the campus are some restaurants with various hot meals and also a grocery shop. During excursions and workshop is food included.
This course is very intensive to make the costs as low as possible. Due to this reason is the schedule very tight. However we always count on long lunch break where you can take a rest and have enough time to enjoy your lunch and chat with the others.

Mon, 27/07/2015