Resilience Planning

22 – 27 August 2015

Climate change presents us with increasingly severe challenges. This course provides you with some permaculture design strategies for land and people in communities. We know governments will be unable to meet the demand for services and also, that well prepared communities are extremely well placed for avoidance or endurance of extreme event. This course, using your knowledge, will give you a short course you can take home and offer to your bioregion. You will also have the ability to input valuable ideas.  

The experience in Nepal is highlighting that there are serious issues about disaster preparedness and response that need addressing, and shows how vulnerable we all are to emergency events. Rosemary Morrow​ has been looking at this issue for a number of years in different places around the world from a permaculture perspective. This course looks at how we can design comprehensively for pre, during and post or recovery of disasters. We obviously can’t stop an earthquake or tsunami but there are ways of mitigating the effects, and the effectiveness and speed of relief and recovery. 

Over five days you will
* Consider, and evolve short and long term strategies
* Be able to analyse risk and frequency of severe events
* Know how to collect appropriate data and skills
* Design comprehensively from Pre,  to During,  and then Post or recovery of disasters
* Gain from the knowledge and experience of other participants
* Hear what has been successfully done in some developing countries



Rosemary Morrow


22 – 27 August 2015


* PDC holders who want to teach a short course in their community or organisation. It is offered to skill up teachers and permaculture practioners for climate change and other difficult futures.

* INGO workers who work in the majority world

* Transition groups

Capacity of the event

maximum: 14 - 23


Concession (students, pensioners, unwaged) £325 - limited places available on a first come first served basis

Low waged (under £15K/year) £425

Waged £525

Organisation rate £625

Price includes all food, tuition. Accomodation is either camping or in shared rooms in the eco-lodge. Camping is included in the price and for the lodge there is an additional charge of £5 a night i.e. £25 for the entire course.


Travel Arrangements

It will be a train to Petersfield and then we would ask people to either coordinate taxis, lifts or a minibus.



eco-lodge or camping

Food will be provided by the on site cafe included in the price

Sat, 22/08/2015
- £325
Low Waged
- £425
- £525
- £625