Permaculture and Transition in Totnes

Applied permaculture in South Devon, featuring Transition Town Totnes, Agroforestry Research Trust, Landmatters Permaculture Community and lots more!

Arrive Wednesday 16 September – Depart Saturday 19 September

A chance to visit Transition Town Totnes, the place where the Transition Movement began. The 3 day excursion includes visits to Martin Crawford's Agroforestry Research Institute and Forest Garden, the nearby School Farm Community Supported AgricultureFungi Futures and Schumacher College. Guided tours of Totnes to hear what has been achieved since Transition began and the chance to visit a Permaculture Association LAND Project.

There will also be a welcoming social event, an evening river cruise between Totnes and Dartmouth and the chance to sample food and drink provided by local brewers and caterers.

And lots more…!


We can also offer extensions on accommodation and opportunities for further accompanied visits on a small group or bespoke basis or people can make their own arrangements.

Accommodation will be with local families through the Homestay network run by local language schools and in a bunkhouse also run by a language school. Breakfast will be included.


Coaches from Gilwell Park to Totnes and all transport around Totnes is included in the price.
Many visitors may choose to extend their stay in Totnes, some will travel on to other places in the UK and it is possible to book individual fares to London for less than the costs of group travel. We therefore propose that participants make their own arrangements for leaving Totnes. We will of course offer guidance on this.


For the full itinerary and to book, please visit:

Wed, 16/09/2015
- £240