Permaculture Design Course (Cornwall)

This two-week Permaculture Design Course is led by two very experienced teachers, Bryn Thomas and Klaudia van Gool, at Keveral Farm in Cornwall. Keveral Farm is an intentional community founded in 1973, and held its first PDC in 1994. It includes site visits, including to Martin Crawford's Forest Garden and Landmatters Community. There will be 3 days off, when you can explore nearby beaches and coastline (we are just 15 minutes walk from the nearest beach).



16 – 31 July 2015



Anyone wishing to take a Permaculture Design Course


Capacity of the event

maximum: 10 - 20



£290 - £693

(Because of our funding arrangements, only UK residents qualify for the reduced fee). Initially, we cannot offer reductions to non-UK residents, but you could always ask.


Travel Arrangements



Food is provided as part of the course fee. Accommodation is mostly camping in your tent, but there may be a yurt available for an extra charge.


Thu, 16/07/2015