Holzer Permaculture Tour AUSTRIA

24 August - 4 September 2015

Over 40 years ago, Sepp Holzer created a paradise in the harsh Alps of Austria. Decades later, it stands as one of the best examples of Permaculture on earth, the Krameterhof.

In Summer of 2015 we will offer the chance of a lifetime for experienced and aspiring permaculturists alike to visit two of the most inspiring demonstration sites in the world. They will inspire you to see what is possible, and show you an amazing way to live.

Holzer Permaculture comes to life when the fertility of nature can be absorbed by all of your senses.

Tour Highlights:
+ The Krameterhof
+ The Holzerhof
+ First Edible Village of Austria
+ Practical Training
+ Earthwors

more details at http://www.holzerpermaculture.us/austria-2015.html



24 August - 4 September 2015



Introduction to Permaculture Holzer
Forest Garden
Edible Communities
Planning and Design of a Permaculture System
Practical Implementation
Earthwork (terraces, pond, raised beds, ..)


Capacity of the event

maximum: 35



Shared Room: € 3,180.00 (including VAT)

Single Room: € 3,300.00 (including VAT)
Austrian VAT (20%) can be redeemed upon returning to Country of Origin


Travel Arrangements

The participants come independently to Vienna international airport.
Away from there is the travel is organized.





Mon, 24/08/2015