Tour of The Crossing

We would like to offer a tour of site and lectures by maverick water man, Jay Abrahams of Biologic Design, who created the WET system, reservoirs and swales, and inventor Ed Revill of Swansea Biochar, creator of the Biochar Stove, home heating and hot water system that produces biochar. Owners and Wwoof hosts Emma and Stuart Goodwin who moved on site in September 2014, will be on site for your questions. There may be the opportunity to help cob a chimney breast.

On 8.5 acres at The Crossing Forest Row our aim is to become a centre of excellence for Agroecology, practicing Regenerative Agriculture, whilst re-engaging local people into agriculture. Grazing a small flock of sheep on unimproved pastures between swales soon to be planted with fruit/ nut/ food/ forage/ fodder/ fuel on contour, catching rain water run off and keeping it onsite. We're creating a versatile, biodiverse biosphere, flood resistant, drought tolerant, where life can thrive and withstand the changes we see that come with climate change and geo-engineering.  No-dig veg growing on our 50 raised beds  for our Community Supported Agriculture Scheme.  Our homestead is off grid with a borehole, dowsed by Richard Creightmore, and a solar PV system that allows us to use a hoover and run a washing machine. Our heating and hot water comes from a Biochar stove that creates a bucket of biochar with every burn, which, when added to the No-dig growing system, improves fertility, water retention and the texture and quality of the soil, building  deep dark, virtually indestructible soil.  Our grey water is cleaned by a WET system by Biologic Design.  We wish to educate, nourish and heal by reconnecting with the natural cycles of life, working with closed loop energy systems and plugging into the source of all that is.


Only an hour from London by train,
Home grown, home cooked lunch provided. 10.30am until 6.30pm.
£30 Limited to 20 places, early booking recommended.

Book with Emma Goodwin on 07976 296 364

Fri, 18/09/2015
- £30