Volunteer Ty Nant Eco Farm, gift economy [WWOOF]

Creating Welhealth’s Agroforestry Vegan Forest Garden Permaculture Gift Economy Farm, a developing 7 acres of food forest with plans for community supported stock free agriculture within it. It is a cooperative community farm project under development, to transition to achieve a totally Gift Economy moneyless shared community resource for the farm community, local community, and wider community at Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr. The aims of the co-op is to have all the basics of life’s needs – land, warmth and shelter, water and food, totally free gratis; Increasing moneyless commons land and life resources for more people. Off grid, all wastes are composted, water is from spring, stream and land drain; the site uses renewable energy, wood, wind and solar. Sustainable renewable materials, re-used materials, and importantly "longevables" durable, materials of the highest longevity, vegan, with an ecological footprint of under one planet!

The Gift Economy non monetary businesses at the farm so far are a forest garden nursery, and off grid skills sharing courses. Projects we are working on: We have plans in the pipeline to create a free cafe, a free shop, and sitting out area. Also we are planning community supported veg growing this year, after the success of group sowing and harvesting of potatoes last year, which means getting together to meet up to work as one large group allotment

If you like the sound of that and live in North Wales then get in touch. Forest Garden Nursery: The nursery grows up to 40 different varieties per year. We have developed five brand new varieties of Sweet Yellow Welsh Pear, six brand new varieties of Sweet Welsh Apple. Amongst the trees and plants we grow there are some very special local varieties. We are an Incredible Edible group and you are the plant and tree planters. Please come and get plants. Please also ask about growing with us if you wish to come and stay and help us. Skills sharing Courses : We are holding regular 2 day skill sharing courses on forest garden plant propagation, and small low impact wind and solar electricity. The wind/solar course is for anyone planning to go off grid or those who are off grid who wish to learn more about small wind and solar electric systems that they can install, use, and maintain themselves. Participants can also use our shared resource workshop facilities to make their own lights and battery regulators. Farmers wanted: Spring 2015. New opportunity ideal for two Stock free Farmers, or two Farming couples: •To farm and develop the stock free market garden vegetable and salad growing of more than an acre. •To farm and develop the various willow plantations and the extensive forest gardens covering the whole 7 acre site. The farmers would fall in line with the co-ops transition timeline to “freedom”, moneyless living and One Planet living. The farm is situated right in the centre of North Wales, with the whole customer base stretching from Bangor at one side to Wrexham/Deeside on the other, with all of the NorthWales seaside resort towns, Snowdonia, and Bala closeby, and Llangollen to the south, all within 35 miles distance. It would be expected that we will need to develop processing and stores facilities for bottling, pickling, brewing, drying, fermenting and all round general preserving and processing of foods, medicines, dyes and the many varied forest garden products.

For the future Permanent Culture, One Planet. All fed. Transition from an economy of artificial shortage, that expends resources beyond the ability of the planet to permanently sustain its human population; to an economy of Gift that feeds the needs of all to live their whole lives well within the limits of the living planet to sustain itself in perpetuity