Family Fun Permaculture Adventure II

5 August

Join us on a raspberry-filled adventure as we invite parents, carers, grandparents and children to let nature be our teacher as we explore the wild-within and without-on our quest to evolve our 'wild awareness'.

Become part of a colourful camp that will live, learn and play together. The Adventure will interweave nature connection, creative ecology and community living with an experiential introduction to permaculture.

Wild woodland forays - Forest gardening

Permaculture workshops - Eco-craft tent

Foraging - Fire making

Campside cooking - Optional overnight camp with your new friends

Wild medicine making - Bushcraft

Drumming - Dancing - Free play

Led by Amy Clarkson, Lusi Alderslowe, Laura Gamwell, Rhyddian Knight and guests. The team combines many years of creative and ecological education experience including Forest School, Permaculture Diplomas & The Art of Mentoring.


Sliding scale according to financial means, see below. Price for 1 adult + 1child including fully catered food, accommodation, many exciting kids activities, professional permaculture instruction (including adult-focussed sessions) & activities for the whole family to take part in together.
£90 for extra child.

Low income (up to £12k): £250 (rooms) £210 camping
Waged: £325 (room); £290 (camping)
High waged: £440 (room) £370 (camping)

Wed, 05/08/2015
Low Waged
- £210
- £290
- £370