12th World Festival in Berlin/Weltfest am Boxi

29 August 2015

SONED is organizing the 12th Weltfest in cooperation with the german permaculture association. The motto will be "our world, our dignity, our future" and will focus on permaculture and sustainable solutions worldwide for a fair and resilient society in future. Our headliner is the Formidable Vegetabel Soundsystem from Australia - musical permaculture activists (http://www.weltfest-am-boxi.de/html/english/info-in-english.html).



29 August 2015



Target goups are the local people, especially the youth and migrants, families, the international visitors and the regional permaculture network.


Capacity of the event

up to 5,000 people



The entrance is for free, but donations are welcome.


Travel Arrangements

Public transport is available. Their are several stations to achieve the Weltfest am Boxi. Either you take the Bus 240 directly to the station Boxhagener Platz or you go to the Warschauer Straße and change their to the M10 until Gürnbergerstraße (walking distance 5minutes).


Contact Name

Jan Kipper Fischer




Sat, 29/08/2015