Edge events

Before and after the Conference and Convergence there were a diverse multitude of events for thousands of people to encounter permaculture. These events were for anyone - not just those registered for the Convergence or Conference. Whilst autonomously organised they all met some basic criteria to be part of the official IPCUK programme.

The list of confirmed events shows a diverse mix across the UK and Europe.

What is an Edge Event?

Around the edge of the core IPCUK conference (8 - 9 September, 2015) and convergence (10 - 16 September) were courses, workshops, lectures, visits and tours, volunteering (like WWOOFing), Permablitzs and more.

See the confirmed Edge events.

Thanks so much...for supporting the Edge Events. It helps some of us travelling from afar to make the most of our trip and airfare and possibly cover some of our cost to come to IPC and most importantly, share some of our gifts to an audience on the other side of the globe. - Robin Clayfield, facilitator, trainer, author, and musician, Australia.

Hosting an event

We had over 50 events.

This is the short guide that hosts used to help prepare.