Children and Young People

We are developing a creative programme of activities led by inspiring permaculture educators from around the globe.

To find out more, please see this article.

For the youngest members of our tribe from 0-3 years we will provide a cosy corner with breastfeeding pillows, nappy mats, toys, and other facilities enabling parents to be comfortable with their children.

Children aged 4-12 years will be ably entertained with a wide variety of fun activities such as eco arts and crafts, permaculture games, carving, fire-making, rope swings, den-building, singing, and music-making.

Teenagers will have a dedicated fully equipped Teen Zone for hanging out in. Once teenagers are booked in to the event, they will have access to a private Facebook group to ‘meet’ each other before the event. We appreciate that some teenagers will want to participate in the main event workshops, however there will also be some activities designed specifically for them.


Educators are invited to share and learn best practice in permaculture education with children. Together we will create an atmosphere of shared learning for the benefit of all the participants - children and educators alike. Educators will sign up to lead a session on a theme or topic. They could even choose to lead a session with someone they wouldn’t normally work with leading to even greater international cooperation!


At the end of a session, activity or game there will be a de-brief for adults so they can learn more deeply - in which we will receive feedback, share process, develop understanding, and possibly suggest attunements to the session for future repetitions.