Here you can see presentation slides PDFs, from some of the conference presentations.

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A Baseline Survey of Temperate Forest Gardens.pdf3.67 MB
A Future City Model - Marcia Amidon.pdf2.45 MB
Ancient+Food+Future+Food+Slideshow.pdf4.04 MB
A Paradise Called Marizá - Marsha Hanzi.pdf7.11 MB
A Permaculture Approach to Soil - Chris Warburton Brown.pdf283.74 KB
Bringing the Forest Garden Indoors - Jerome Osentowski _ small.pdf2.3 MB
Brookman - Measuring permaculture.pdf1.46 MB
Building Community Resilience Through Collaborative Action - Trathen Heckman.pdf5.97 MB
Can Arable Be Permacultural.pdf1.47 MB
Community Drought Solutions - Jeremiah Kidd.pdf1.92 MB
Community Farm Buy Outs - Large and O'Connell.pdf6.75 MB
Conrad - Permaculture in Malawi IPC Presentation 2015.pdf1.55 MB
Designing Successful Enterprises for People and Planet.pdf8.8 MB
Discover Sociocracy 3.pdf1.9 MB
EcoSystemDesign.pdf1.3 MB
Energy Revolution - Your Guide to Making it Happen - Howard Johns.pdf3.75 MB
George McAllister - Restoring Degraded Ecosystems - case study Zimbabwe.pdf6.03 MB
Holistic research of holistic practice.pdf1.18 MB
Grow It Yourself - Richard Webb.pdf5.84 MB
Harnessing the Potential for Permaculture for Sustainable Development.pdf3.83 MB
IPC Presentation.Pandora Thomas.pdf575.06 KB
IPCUK-Presentation Earthships.pdf2.08 MB
John Nzira - Households as permaculture nodes.pdf889.94 KB
Learning by doing.pdf5.13 MB
Legible Landscapes_Boehnlein_Kearsley.pdf6.45 MB
Lessons Learned From Peri Urban Farms - Annemarie Brookman.pdf4.46 MB
Oikos (Financial) Permaculture.pdf317.39 KB
Permaculture a design science for all - IPCUK conference 2015 - 20 mins.pdf9.2 MB
Permaculture from Rainbow Valley Farm to the Village - Trish Allen.pdf8.01 MB
Permaculture in Indian Agriculture.pdf4.1 MB
Permaculture's Place in Higher Education.pdf2.55 MB
Permaculture Institute of Italy.pdf2.66 MB
Plants for a permaculture future - Chris Marsh PFAF.pdf748.11 KB
Permaculture Your School and Transform Your Town.pdf8.8 MB
Positive Money.pdf4.75 MB
Quakers as self designing community - Laurie Michaelis and Ed Tyler.pdf194 KB
Rebecca Laughton - Small Farm Productivity.pdf3.4 MB
Real life forest gardens - Tomas Remiarz.pdf8.09 MB
Regenerative Enterprise and the 8 Forms of Capital.pdf6.78 MB
Rosemary morrow.pdf249.95 KB
Savings Pools.pdf5.76 MB
Speak Street Language Cafe.pdf2.51 MB
Scaling up - Professionalizing the Permaculture Movement.pdf8.32 MB
Sustainable healthcare systems as part of permaculture.pdf97.77 KB
The Answer Lies in the Soil - Graham Bell.pdf6.85 MB
The Ecosystem of Community Action - Joshua Msika - IPCUK2015.pdf773.68 KB
The Garden of Complete Being.pdf387.12 KB
Unlocking sustainable livelihoods: keyhole gardens in Africa and beyond - Send a Cow.pdf7.82 MB