Design, principles, projects.

Dave Boehnlein
Paul Kearsley

During this presentation Dave and Paul will introduce the audience to the Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead ( on Orcas Island, WA. Originally featured in Bill Mollison’s “Global Gardener,” the Bullock family have continued to develop their site and now run one of the longest standing permaculture projects in the world.

Aranya Gardens

Permaculture has been around for a very long time; indeed life has been doing it for billions of years. It’s the harmonious interdependency we observe whenever we look around us at the natural world. Yet, we humans have made such dramatic changes to that world that we now threaten not just our own survival but that of many other species too. Solutions are needed fast, but acting too quickly could potentially just make things worse. There’s always a chance we might find those solutions by chance, but it’s far more likely if we use design.

Pietro Zucchetti

The presentation will give an overview of the permaculture design for the P.I.I., with specifics on the implementation of the design over the last 4 years.

It will include a showcase of the off grid home, an analysis of the yields, an analysis of the resilience of the implemented design, the effects of the project on the local community and on the national government, and feedback from some of the students of P.I.I.

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