Learn from IPCUK - presentations, audio, video, and photos

The 12th International Permaculture Conference and Convergence were fantastic learning opportunities. There were many great presentations, discussions, and moments.

The Learning working group coordinated media capture. You can see (and hear) the following. Each item will be hyperlinked as it becomes available.


Video - YouTube includes presentations from the main hall. Coming soon: keynote speaker interviews.

Photos - contribute to the Flickr group - also see our conference album.

Presentations - up to 10 more coming soon

Palantypists text from the main hall full text - segmented version coming soon

Audio coming soon




Video - YouTube
Convergence videos coming soon: Overview, Stories from around the world, plus some workshop recordings

Photos - contribute to the Flickr group - also see our convergence album

Audio coming soon


All is shared with a basic Attribution 4.0 Creative Commons Licence.