Language Update - provision

Following the results of the language survey, we identified that all of the participants for the IPCUK conference have the capacity to read English to a sufficient level. Due to a limited budget, professional interpretation would be limited to one or two languages. Palantyping (live subtitles of the speaker’s speech) is the best solution, as it was already planned for people with a hearing impairment, and will meet the needs of participants without discrimination.


For the IPCUK convergence, the survey shows that the main foreign languages of prospective attendees are German, Spanish, Chinese and French. Depending on the resources made available, we will try to provide interpretation for those. At the moment the crew allocations for the interpreters is not yet known, so we cannot plan the available capacity for experienced interpreters who are willing to help in exchange for a free ticket. This will be established soon and will allow us to move forward on this matter.

We will develop a protocol for informal help and interpretation during the talks. Before they commence, workshop and lecture attendees’ first language is identified before, and subsequently allows time for people to gather together so that they can help each other in case of misunderstanding. There will also be a protocol for presenters to use as little jargon as possible, and to talk slowly using simple language. Finally, a sign language protocol in accordance with the communication techniques is being considered (e.g. the sign “L” made with the right hand for a language related problem).


The translation of documents related to IPCUK (such as the website) is now underway. At the moment, we have the resources to translate in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian and Chinese. However, please keep in mind that if there is a translation in a specific language, it does not necessarily mean that there will be live interpretation in this language. We are still looking for volunteers, and any help is greatly appreciated, so if you feel that you have the capacity and some spare time, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Thank you and see you there!
The Language Support Team.