Facilitating Understanding of Nature - Permaculture Inspiring Kids & EducatorS. FUN PIKES!

One of the many unique things about IPCUK is the coming together of some of the world's most experienced and talented permaculture educators. European Children in Permaculture designers will host an innovative programme for educators and children together, to learn from others in a dynamic, entertaining and fun way!


Educators will lead an activity or session aimed at children aged 4-12 years, and attended by children and adults. The adults will be other educators who are wanting to learn/ observe how you lead that session (though they will be active child-like participants unless the leader wants them to do something else!). At the end of each session, the adults can sit and talk about the theory (why you led the session like that), feedback (how was it being a kid?) and possible tweaks (including for different situations/children). Whilst the educators are having their chat the children can have some supervised free play - this will enable an essential breathing in and breathing out structure for the children.


If you are interested in sharing a session that you do with children, then please complete this form to let us know if you have a session which you would like to lead with children at the convergence. Please tell us your name and the session you could offer. This could be something which you have tried and tested or something more experimental. You may choose to co-lead a session - either arranging this in advance or even with an educator from another country who you meet at the event!


Benefits for Educators

  • Learn more about sharing permaculture with kids

  • Share your favourite session(s) or activity(ies) more widely

  • Experience other people's favourite sessions (take notes and try them out in your own programmes when you get home)

  • Give & receive feedback (with possible tweaks)

  • Experience 'being a child' in permaculture workshops for kids

  • Learn about styles and methods of sharing permaculture with kids from people of different traditions and cultures from around the globe.


Benefits for Kids

  • Great activities!

  • Breathing in and breathing out of structured vs unstructured time

  • Good ratios to help as required (e.g. with knife work)

  • New friends to play with from all over the world

  • Learning about/from other cultures and traditions

  • Lots of educators involved, with lots of different styles

  • Fun!!!


Benefits for parents

  • Parents can choose to stay and play with the children and learn from other parents/educators or go off to workshops as part of the main programme.

  • There will always be at least 2 educators with the children who have been screened by the government in the Disclosure scheme.

  • If a session will include sharp tools/ fire (or anything else which would require different insurance in England) then a suitably insured, qualified and experienced educator will be present to ensure the safety of children.

  • Knowing that your children will learn about permaculture, as well as having LOADS of fun!


What do we mean by “educator”?

Anyone who does (or talks about) permaculture with kids, for example parents, home educators, Scout leaders, Woodcraft Folk Leaders, school and primary teachers/assistants, freelance educators (who work with kids), Forest School Leaders/assistants, and more...