Radical Postgrad Programmes - Inspired By Nature

We are delighted to be speaking at and sponsoring the 12th International Permaculture Conference this year and to have the opportunity to share Schumacher College's proud legacy of providing 25 years of radical education for sustainability.

As we celebrate our 25th year we look ahead to two new programmes in Ecological Design Thinking and Ecological Food Systems starting in January 2016. These two cutting edge programmes bring together some of the leading voices in ecological design, architecture, agroecology, agroforestry & permaculture.

Learning zones

Learning on our postgraduate and vocational programmes takes place across a wide variety of areas within the campus. For example, those students studying Ecological Food systems, have the opportunity to learn and practice from a variety of ecologically inspired food systems including Forest gardens and in fact we’re fortunate to have Martin Crawford’s, famous forest garden adjacent to the college.

Forest Gardens are based on the structure of young natural woodland but with a planting composition of useful and edible perennial species. Originating in the tropics, they have been adapted for temperate climates in the last two decades.

Martin's garden became the inspiration for 3 forest garden plots which were established at the College, by former student Justin West. With a total area 400m2 the forest gardens make a good contribution to the College’s annual food production and this will only increase over time.

The College aspires to be an experimental ‘edible campus’ and in 2013 grew 25% of the vegetables consumed. Bethan Stagg, Programme Co-ordinator for Ecological Food Systems, carried out a preliminary assessment of productivity you can read her poster here.


Jane Gleeson, Lead Gardener and lecturer at the College, will be giving a talk at the IPC entitled ‘Learning from doing in sustainable horticulture - how contemplative enquiry transforms learning’.


Applications for our new programmes in Ecological Design Thinking and Ecological Food Systems are open now.