Andy Goldring on 21st Century Permaculture radio about IPCUK

Andy Goldring, CEO Permaculture Association, talks about IPCUK on 21st Century Permaculture radio show.

Andy talks about how he came across permaculture, his experience of convergences, and what makes up the IPCUK:

[13 minutes] We're having three elements: edge events, we're supporting the network in Britain and Europe to put on events... organised by the network for the network...

[16 minutes 30 secs] The conference the difference with our conference is we're really trying to focus on 'permaculture plus'. Meaning? So, the theme of the conference is Designing The World We Want; let's set out our vision of how we could work with people of planet earth to create the kind of sustainable future that is not only possible but also absolutely necessary. We're going to bring together the exemplary practice from permaculture and from other discisplines, other networks, which show that it's already possible.

[26 minutes 30 secs] Thursday afternoon we all assemble up the road in Gilwell Park... it's a beau(t)iful mix of come and learn the craft of permaculture; get your skills up, find out more about forest gardening, how people get people involved in their work...


and the Next Big Step Project:

[30 minutes] It's about nurturing those relationships, what are those shared goals we can start working on together? How can we help each other do better research, how can we share our learning?

...and as ever there's some really funky music too!