Eight Ways of Up-Cycling a Washing Machine – A Raw Material to Be Used

The Problem is the solution

Up-cycling is a fantastic way of giving a new lease of life to materials that would otherwise become landfill. Materials are free, companies save money on disposal, and the new items may be of even higher value than the originals.

Matt Ralston ran an up-cycling workshop at the convergence. Below, he explains the how of up-cycling and eight ways it can be applied to a washing machine.

The how of up-cycling can take many forms. I come from a practical back ground and run my own maintenance company M.J.R Maintenance with experience in wood working metal fabrication and edible landscapes, however permaculture is working together so find help, start slowly with small projects share ideas, resources and tools. The waste steam of this country is alarming and enormous

I like the "problem is the solution" all the materials are out there cheap or free to enjoy!!

8 Yields from a Washing Machine

  1. Stainless Steel Drum

    Can be used as a fire drum/BBQ or root confinement drum for a fig tree.

  2. Glass Window

    A mini frog pond, window for shed or natural building projects.

  1. Motor

    Re-used as a motor for a buffer / grinder.

  2. Pump

    Pumping water!

  3. Wiring

    Use in electrical projects / wire in garden projects.

  4. Steel Sides

    Stock sheeting, for brackets for raised beds, roof tiles and rocket stove shelving.

  5. Concrete

    Lump of concrete as hardcore material i.e. shed base / pathway.

  6. Plastic components

    Used as brackets or recycled


Sometimes Matt has been given still functional washing machines. He found a new home for them as washing machines (if it's not broke don't fix it.)