Working Groups

You may use the contact form to get in touch with any of the below groups.

For IPCUK to be amazing we need lots of people to help on the 12 working groups. Please have a look at the remits below, have a think about your skills and capacities, and then tell us which Working Group you can help with here. We won't be able to include everyone as the groups need to be small and nimble, but reflect the diversity and experience of our movement.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer free places (or other renumeration) to everyone in a working group. You will be contributing to the biggest global permaculture ever.


Advertising & sponsorship


  • Raise additional income from the event, through securing advertising and sponsorship, negotiating deals and reciprocal offers.
  • Keeps Finance WG updated on progress

Accountability: reports to the Coordination Hub

Team members: Andy Goldring (UK), Tony Rollinson (UK) and other people tbc who are well connected and experience of making deals.


Communication, publicity, and media

  • Create overall strategy (messages, channels, etc)
  • Create and coordinate website for the event
  • Create logos (including "IPCUKedge" brand) and graphics, guerilla marketing, flyers, stickers, including materials that other networks can use for their own publicity;
  • Consider celebrity involvement;
  • Designing, printing and coordinating distribution of printed and electronic publicity.
  • Graphics support, plus ambassadors, plus team.
  • Schedule a programme of media stories and social media; make links with the media (news/magazies/ TV/radio);
  • Organise a press conference;
  • Write press releases;
  • Link speakers to media opportunities;
  • Dealing with journalists during the Conference and Convergence.

Accountability: Supported and managed by Ryan Sandford-Blackburn (UK), who reports to the Coordination Hub, and is accountable to Alan Thornton (UK).
Team members: Cathrine Dolleris (Denmark), Marcia Amidon (USA), Daniel Halsey (USA), Tony Rollinson (UK)

Registrations & visas

  • Set up online booking and registration system.
  • Provide visa information and support (including letters, linking to Border Agency, etc.)
  • Maintain delegate database, provide contact lists after the event.
  • Collating special requests.
  • Providing information to each team / event re: numbers of participants, diets, accommodation.
  • Sending out pre-event information and fielding questions; supporting teams with their database requirements; co-ordinating on-site event registration, delegate packs and ticketing
  • Provide transport information for travel within UK, including advice on how to travel affordably.

Accountability: Supported by Sunggyul Lee (UK) and managed by Harriet Walsh (UK), who reports to Alan Thornton (UK) the Coordination Hub

Team members: Rosie Dodds (UK), Vijaya Copsey (UK), Sunggyul Lee (UK) and Harriet Walsh (UK).


Scholarship support

  • Liaise and support the international fundraising effort;
  • Outreach to support least supported delegates;
  • Encouraging other networks to raise  funds;
  • Distributing funds to delegates with scholarships;
  • Manage application process.

Accountability: Reports to the Coordination Hub.

Team members: Margarethe Holzer (Austria), Gary Finch (UK) and Andy Goldring (UK).


Edge Events

  • Specify protocol/brief.
  • Write contracts/draft agreements.
  • Send out requests to people to coordinate/invite specific people to offer them.
  • Manage applications.
  • Liaison with edge event conveners.
  • Ensure that a few key edge events are organised early on.
  • Recommends events to Coordinator to 'sign off'.

Accountability: Reports to Coordination Hub

Team members: Paul Lucas (UK). Formerly Dano Wheals (UK).



Overall conference working group:

  •         Ensure the conference stays within budget
  •         Provide a spoke to the coordination hub
  •         Agree and monitor a work plan
  •         Suggest potential sponsors and advertisers
  •         Communicate with the Scholarship Support and Sponsorship working groups
  •         Work with the Language Support working group

Programme sub-group

  •         Programme and venue layout design to include areas for posters, exhibitors, breakout, etc
  •         Confirm who is contributing as speakers, workshop leaders, etc
  •         Work with the Learning working group
  •         Work with the Communication & Publicity working group


Outputs sub-group

  •         Work with the Learning working group

Practicalities & Logistics

  •         Venue liaison regarding layout and catering
  •         Procuring equipment and supplies
  •         Arranging stewards and volunteers
  •         Detailed liaison with contributors about their specific requirements
  •         Work closely with the Registrations & Visas working group to handle bookings and arrivals
  •         Implementation of the venue layout design
  •         Work with the Communication & Publicity working group
  •         Work with the Welcome & Wellbeing team

Accountability: Supported and managed by Cath Marsh (UK), who reports to the Coordination Hub, and is accountable to Alan Thornton (UK).

Team members: Tom Henfry (UK), Ed Sears (UK), Cat Richards (UK), Julia Wright (UK), Chris Warbuton-Brown (UK), Gil Penha-Lopes (Portugal), Naomi van der Velden (UK), Andy Goldring (UK), Michel Pimbert (UK), Cath Marsh (UK), David Davies (UK).


Convergence Coordination

  • Detailed project design & management.
  • Liaise with budget/finance team to design budget
  • Liaise with venue, layout design, logistics, programme design, entertainment, bar, café, equipment: PA & Lighting, workshop equipment/resources; children and young people; catering; marketplace; crew; health and safety. security, signage, wi-fi, tat down etc. Café team.

Made of the following task teams:

  • Venue & site logistics
  • Catering & Cafés
  • Programme design & delivery support
  • Transport
  • Marketplace
  • Bar & Entertainment
  • Legacy/site infrastructure development
  • Stores & resource management

Accountability: Supported and managed by Joe Atkinson & Hannah Thorogood (UK), who report to the Coordination Hub, and is accountable to Andy Goldring (UK).

Team members: 8-9 people tbc


Learning, knowledge management and dissemination

  • Recording the event for wider dissemination.
  • Multimedia capture (film, graphical, presentation, workshops, etc).
  • Live-streaming and social media; after event dissemination and archiving; liaison with conference and convergence teams.
  • Identifies synergies with Communication & Publicity WG

Accountability: Reports to Coordination Hub

Team members: Nick Turner (UK), Alan Thornton (UK), Volkmar Geiblinger (Austria), Phil Moore (UK).


Language support

  • Identify translation and interpreting needs
  • Map skills available to proposed events at Conference and Convergence
  • Propose exactly what translation and interpreting services we will provide in time for event publicity, including sign language

Accountability: Reports to Coordination Hub

Team members: Natasha Eve (UK), Antony Melville (UK), Barth Louvain (UK), Sue Upton (UK), Maria Prieto (UK).


Children & Young People

  •     To make the IPC UK a whole family friendly event.
  •     To make sure that facilities are family friendly
  •     To make sure that information is available so that parents know what they can do with their kids, that they are safe, what the boundaries are, where can they access water and snacks for kids, what activities there will be, where they can buy nappies, is there a high chair in the restaurant?; washable nappies facilities? etc...)
  •     To make sure that the children activities happen, are well organised, safe, healthy, inclusive.

Accountability: Reports to Coordination Hub

Team members:  Judith lashbrook (France), Lusi Alderslowe (Scotland), Nim Robins (UK)


Welcome & Wellbeing

  • Supporting the conference and convergence as a whole to create a safe and welcoming space; helping everyone keep to decisions that have been agreed.
  • Organising a Welcome & Wellbeing Team that will be easily accessible to anyone at convergence who needs them, and having a recognisable presence around convergence.
  • Providing a welcome tent where people can find out about the convergence and get involved.
  • Helping to resolve incidents or conflicts within the convergence, including through mediation, and where possible preventing conflict by contributing to an inclusive and peaceful environment.

Accountability: Reports to  Coordination Hub

Team members: Chris Evans (UK), Helen White (UK), Rachel Geary (UK) & Celia Ashman (UK), Kerry Lane (UK), Matthew Bateman (UK) & KT Shepherd (UK)



  • Prepare a budget for each aspect of the event;
  • Monitoring budget versus  actual for event delivery;
  • Reporting to coordination group;
  • Ensuring transparency; identifying contingencies and break even points; setting  and negotiating prices (coordinating with teams to do this).

Accountability: Supported and managed by Helen White (UK), who reports to Andy Goldring (UK) and Alan Thornton (UK)

Team members: Prabina Shrestha (Nepal), Colin Glass (UK), Helen White (UK)


Coordination Hub

The Coordination Hub is made up of a 'spoke' from each Working Group. It's remit is:

  • Ensure the events' aims are fulfilled, that tasks are delivered in a timely manner, that coordination meetings are held and the event is well coordinated.
  • Liaise with budget and finances team to ensure event is on budget and that each team has what it needs to carry out its work.
  • Identifies synergies.
  • Identify staff, volunteer and skills gaps and recruit as required. Overall volunteer strategy, recruitment and management strategy.

Accountability: Supported and managed by Alan Thornton (UK), who reports to Andy Goldring (UK), and IPC Support group.

Team members: Helen White (Finance), Celia Ashman (Welcome), Harriet Walsh (Registrations), Paul Lucas (Edge Events), Cath Marsh (Conference), Joe Atkinson & Hannah Thorogood (Convergence), Andy Goldring (Sponsorship), Ryan Sandford-Blackburn (Communication), (Narsanna Koppula (IPC-India), Alan Thornton (IPC-UK Coordination).

A variety of people from the Scholarship Support, Children & Young People, Learning and Language Support working groups.


You may also be interested in The Friends of the IPC, which is established as a registered body.