2005 Croatia

Eventually it was tried to do it in Europe.. and Croatia was choosen because there were a academic professional group there, around Marija de Heffer Lauch. This group brook down a year before the event was planned, due to all academically excuses (Marija had a lecture about that at the conference ñ how unreliable academics are, itís in their brains). But Marija knew a  young group from the anti-war movement (which included Marijana) ... who hadnít done a PDC, so Tony went there and offered them one .. and  from this rose the organizational committee .. and within one year they put IPC7 together.  


The young group organized the transport side from Zagreb, Marija's father was an organic agriculture team inspector in Croatia and Vlasta was the one in Istria. She was in charge of organizing the accommodation side of things.  Tony couldnít get hold of her and up to the last minute, neither by email or phone, so he got on a plane ... and she was organizing... but the hotel & venue asked for an upfront payment of 15,000 dollars and they had to pay this or the  whole event was off.    So Tony phoned his bank and was able to get this loan (important, as Ali also found out, to have good relationships with the bankers, in order to get these events off the ground).

Important that there are long-term agreements at these events, and also that there is some financial support from the community, eg. in Scandinavia have the PC associations decided that 5% of all course inscription charges and 10% of membership fees go to an IPC fund.

In lots of permaculture events, it is common that many people who sign up never show up, but also that many who don't sign up, then show up.   At this event many less people came than was thought.  This was also due to a great boicott within two months of the event, in which Max Lindegger denounced the PC movement in the PC Activist, saying that people should join GEN (Global Ecovillage Network).

And on the events itself there were a harsh criticism from 4 or 5 younger people about everything: the accomodation, the food, the concept of Permaculture and the lack of international organisation.   Tony was left with a deficit of 3,000 euroes.

The main purpose of IPC 7 was to get the IPCs running again to keep the global understanding and the special coherent genuinity of Permaculture running again: more needed than ever.


Archives: IPC7 report (http://www.hopedance.org/home/soul-news/1231)

Video: http://holmgren.com.au/interview-heidi-snel-2005/

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