1996 Perth

After the Scandinavian IPC the South Africans expressed difficulty in hosting the next IPC there for political instability situation reasons. So Pat Dare, a great peacekeeper and organizer, took the responsibility on. This was done in the order of Conference > Tour > Convergence.

There were lots of people from counter-culture / alternative scene at this convergence .. Skye proposed having the next IPC in Mexico .. the South Africans got very annoyed, as the first time they had said they weren't ready to hold the convergence in their country, but this time they really had done the planning. Relationships broke, the South Africans went home saying they didn't want anything to do with them.

There were also internal politics issues in the Mexican permaculture community, so the next conference never happened as planned there either. Then there was a large gap... after Mexico said they couldn't host it, Argentina volunteered but they asked that Tony do the fundraising... so then New Zeland was tried as an option .. but wasn't viable.

So there was then a long gap until the IPC in Croatia in 2005.


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