1991 Nepal  

Here bioregionalism was firmly restated as important to the PDC curriculum because some disaster had just happened and the local PC response had been to plant watershed management trees to protect from flooding.
It was organised by Insan / badri Dahal with support from ChrisEwans, Jajarkot Project
The Convergence was held in a new developed Permaculture educational centre in Baretnigar in eastern part of Nepal (supported by the Australian and Danish 3. world aid organisations)
This convergence was the manifestation of the strategic long time planning of the Nepali Permaculture development.
What other points came out of this one?
Due to lack of administrative and practical capacity at the Permaculture Institute in Tyalgum was it decided that the international Permaculture network could be structured by a Permaculture Guild consistent of Diplomaholders and administered from a secretariat in England and locally from gatherings of Diplomaholders.
After an international furore in the Permaculture network was it decided to lay it down.
But it was the start of deciding about some decentralization of the network.
The Conference was held in an international hotel in Kathmandu where all got a stomach infection. Here did the beginning of the global environmental catastrophes show up which for the first time led to the statement of the 10.000 trees pr. person for coping with the climate change.


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